News17 Oct 2013Reem in Moscow

Alistair Overeem is now in Moscow to train and prepare himself for his fight against Frank Mir. The idea and invitation came from the promoter of the famous Legend show that wanted to have Alistair as a special guest.

The promoter, also owner of the Moscow gym No1 Fight Club, was more than happy to open up his gym for Alistair so he could keep on training. Headcoach Mike Passenier was supposed to go with Badr for a few weeks to prepare him for his upcoming fight on November 8 so this way Alistair could keep on training while Mike is around.

Part of the agreement was that Alistair was going to give a seminar for his Russian fans in the gym, the turnout was great and with a translator beside him he started the seminar with an hour of K-1 techniques and an hour of M.M.A. techniques. After the training there was plenty of time to get some pictures and autographs. There was even a lot of press coming to the gym to ask Overeem some questions.

"It was a great experience and I must admit the Russian are very eager to learn and very happy to have me here, so that makes me feel welcome. I knew had some Russian fans but to finally meet them is always a pleasure" said Alistair. "They take very good care of me and can't wait to see the show in a few weeks, they told me it's going to be big so looking forward to that."